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Apr 15, 2018 | News

Cooling tower fines are steep, but they pale in comparison to the total impact and cost paid by those found responsible for a bacterial outbreak or Legionnaire’s clusters.

New York City and New York State have some of the most comprehensive cooling tower regulations in the nation and in order to be fully compliant, your best bet to avoid cooling tower violations is to work with a reputable water testing company like Tower Water. Regulations regarding water tower violations and rules are strictly enforced by both NYC and NYC agencies and violators are severely punished. But truthfully the full impact can’t be measured in the violation costs alone. Beyond just the violation cost comes a detrimental impact to your building’s reputation, as well as the possibility to legal recourse from tenants and businesses within the building.

After NYC’s worst outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease in 2015, Local Law 77 (LL77) was put into place to help protect the public – particularly the most vulnerable populations like the elderly and those in poor health. Despite these strict regulations and their importance in protecting the public health, cooling towers in the NYC area are still found contaminated with Legionella bacteria on a regular basis, causing there to be several discussions about conduct independent Legionella testing.

As a result, Tower Water partners with Legionella Compliance Services to perform independent Legionella testing services to ensure your business avoids violations and maintains compliance with NYC and NYS regualtions.

Lopcal Law 77 comes with a lengthy list of potential fines for cooling towers not in compliance with the law. These fines are often severe and double after the first offense. One part of a cooling tower in non-compliance will likely result in several fines, not just one.

But the true cost of cooling tower violations and legionella growth is far greater. Due to the severity of the 2015 outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease, smaller Legionnaire’s clusters in NYC are big news.

If your cooling tower is identified as a potential source, it’s not just the possible $25,000 in fines you’ll have to pay. You’ll also pay by having your business’s name dragged around the news cycle for weeks.

It won’t matter to viewers and neighborhood residents if you were doing everything you could to be in compliance – it will only matter that you did not do enough. Your business will be seen by the local community and the broader NYC area as poorly run and unsafe.

This can be especially harmful for health clubs, gyms, apartment buildings and retailers. These businesses are expected to provide healthy and safe experiences for customers, and the blow to their brand may never recover.

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