Crisis Communications in a Coronavirus World: Presented by Public Relations Expert Cindy Miller

Here at Tower Water our goal is to continue to maintain and build strong relationships. In this difficult time that means more to us and we hope it does for you as well. We have been provided an opportunity to share with you our clients an opportunity to gain some professional knowledge to may be […]

The Importance Of Water and HVAC System Cleanliness in 2020

As many readers will no doubt know, the rise of coronavirus across the globe has brought sanitation, health, and public safety into the cultural forefront. While the true degree of the threat of coronavirus and other more enduring transmittable diseases are always difficult to estimate, the threat they pose to your business is as high […]

Understanding NYC Local Law 77

Cooling tower water treatment is closely regulated by New York City and New York State laws. Those laws mandate the strict maintenance and treatment requirements that were implemented after a fatal outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease in 2015 in New York City. While cooling tower problems may arise from corrosion, scaling or fouling, all of which […]

How to Stay Ahead of Legionnaire’s Disease Regulation

Any business owner in New York can tell you, Legionnaire’s disease is a major issue. Not only is it a health hazard for customers and employees, it’s a major source of legal headaches! Tower Water knows this, and we want to help businesses get ahead of changing regulation and ensure they remain safe from shutdowns […]

How Cooling Tower Audits Protect Your Business

If you own a property in one of New York City’s five boroughs, you probably already know that NYC faces an abnormally high incidence of Legionnaires’ Disease – in fact, it’s one of the highest rates in the country.  After the city’s worst outbreak in 2015, New York City cooling tower regulations called Local Law […]

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