Urgent Change in New York City Domestic Water

On or about June 15, 2018, the New York DEP, in conjunction with the New York City Bureau of Water has turned on emergency wells as well as opened a water main from the Croton Reservoir to add to the New York City Water supply. This last time this occurred was in June 2016 and […]

Open Circuit Cooling Tower vs. Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

An open circuit cooling tower is a heat exchanger that cools the water through direct contact with air. It distributes warm water over a packing of fill which provides an expanded air-water interface for heating of the air which causes evaporation to take place. The heat transfer happens partially happens through the heat exchange but […]

Disneyland Connected to Legionnaires’ Outbreak in Orange County, CA

A recent outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease last fall in Orange County left 22 people sick including one who died. Local health officials said the outbreak seemed connected to Disneyland as 19 of the 22 people who were infected visited the park. The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration in March cited the park and fined […]

Properly Maintain your Cooling Tower with Tower Water

Cooling towers are an efficient way to cool water for air conditioning. During the hot and humid days you don’t want your air conditioning to be acting up. Cooling towers use a fan to move air through recycling water into open area. If the water gets dirty it can influence working productivity, system corruption, increase […]

Common Cooling Tower Violations in NYC

While there are a number of potential violations cooling towers can encounter at both the City and State level, there are a few common missteps that businesses and building owners often encounter that can result in violations. Since compliance is an essential part of protecting your business’s reputation and bottom line, here are the most […]

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