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Diamond Water Systems, Incorporated is proud to pair with Tower Water to aid in providing you the best possible solution for your water treatment needs. With over 35 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and service of automatic self-cleaning filtration systems, Diamond prides ourselves on four main points that make us an industry leader in industrial, municipal, and commercial water filtration:


Diamond filters are designed to limit microbiological growth, save energy, lengthen equipment life, and reduce maintenance through high-efficiency filtration. Cleaner heat transfer surfaces create energy savings, and cleaner sumps and heat exchangers allow for less maintenance and unscheduled downtime. Our systems are engineered to save water by using a minimal flow during backwash, creating a decreased need for system makeup. The average return on investment shown by the purchase of a Diamond Filtration System is 6-18 months.

Quality Manufacturing

Diamond filtration systems are built with pride and quality in the U.S.A. with a long list of industrial grade components as standard features to provide ease of use, functionality, and durability. Our systems include 304 stainless steel pressure vessels, 316 stainless steel v-notched bottom distributors, NSF grade multi-mixture media, and UL and CUL listed NEMA 4X control enclosures with Allen Bradley components. With systems still in service that are over 25 years old, the level of quality gained by such a list of time-tested components is unmatched.


Diamond prides ourselves on providing factory trained service technicians for our own systems, as well as many other different types of commercial and industrial water treatment equipment. Whether you are in need of maintenance, repair, start-up, or system refurbishing/ replacement we have a qualified service department to meet your needs.

Individually Engineered Systems

Diamond provides a nearly unlimited list of options to choose from when designing your system. A wide variety of valve and manifold options allow us to provide systems for high pressure and/or high-temperature applications. Various compact configurations ensure that we can build a system to fit in virtually any control room. By engineering each system to cater to the needs of the individual customer, we ensure not only that you are not paying for components that you don’t need, but also that the system you buy will be the perfect fit for your particular application.

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