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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Water Treatment Necessary?

All water equipment systems are designed around the principles of water treatment and flow rates; your equipment was meant to work with treated, protected, and clean water. Clean water distribution lines are essential to achieve proper flow.

Proper water treatment is crucial to reduce corrosion, scale and fouling, and to maintain the designed longevity and efficiency of your system. These treatments will provide a direct return on investment in water, energy, and manpower costs, and will protect your system from expensive repairs and early replacement.

Water treatment is also critical in protecting individuals from harmful waterborne disease. The Tower Water team is dedicated to first rate treatment which provides safety, savings, and peace-of-mind.

What determines excellent water treatment service?

There are several components to excellent water treatment service. Your Tower Water representative will:

  • Explain your system and how it interfaces with the water treatment used.
  • Bring any concerns or upgrades to your attention before a problem arises
  • Provide you with a complete list of service conducted over the course of the month, quarter, and year
  • Conduct on-site testing of all appropriate parameters – not just pH, conductivity and inhibitor
  • Maintain a complete approach that takes your entire system into account, not just the water treatment itself
  • Inspect and photograph open equipment
  • Tower Water Representatives all have the training and experience to deliver great results by following these standards, standards that emphasize service, communication and attention to the details.

How do I know that my systems are properly protected?

The most important method for determining system protection is regular inspection by Tower Water of the following components:

  • Cooling Tower– examine the fill, distribution deck, suction discharge header, coatings and nozzles
  • Heat Exchangers– check for changes in pressure and/or temperature
  • Strainers – check for debris or dirt
  • Boilers– examine the fire side and the water side
  • Spool Samples– remove and analyze
  • Tower Water treatment consultants will also use regular water analysis to check for proper protection and monitor bacteria levels, along with corrosion coupon studies to further examine the system. Other tests they might recommend could include ultrasonic testing and destructive testing, all to ensure complete and effective monitoring of your system.

Why Tower Water?

All our representatives care about your system; they listen to your concerns and have your best interests in mind. They are with you and your facility for the long haul. Our team system is built on open communication and mutual help – should one consultant ever have a question or concern about your system, that consultant won’t hesitate to involve all the rest of the Tower Water team to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible. This approach also allows Tower Water to address all of your water treatment needs, not just your tower or HVAC. We are a one-stop treatment company.

Though emergencies are rare, they do occur, and our consultants are available 24/7, providing you with a quick response to any problems. We are also equipped to handle construction transitions, working with you at any stage of your building’s HVAC life.

At Tower Water we offer a personalized approach. The owners of the company continue to work in the field as consultants, never losing touch with the needs of their clients and sharing with all concerned their vast water treatment experience.

Our pricing is highly competitive and reflects the thorough service you expect from the completely committed Tower Water team.

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