How to Stay Ahead of Legionnaire’s Disease Regulation

Dec 15, 2019 | News

Any business owner in New York can tell you, Legionnaire’s disease is a major issue. Not only is it a health hazard for customers and employees, it’s a major source of legal headaches! Tower Water knows this, and we want to help businesses get ahead of changing regulation and ensure they remain safe from shutdowns and bad press.

Schedule cooling tower audits.

Tower Water offers professional, comprehensive Cooling Tower audits. These audits reveal legionella growth and can give you a heads up to fix the problem before anyone gets sick and your company becomes the target of public anger. Audits aren’t just for detecting legionella early, they can also reveal improper procedure or documentation that can also result in hefty legal penalties.

Avoid legal penalties.

In addition to the previously mentioned audits, there are other ways to stay one step ahead of changing legislation and hefty fines. One of the most important elements of keeping your business image pristine is having employees who understand the facts behind legionnaires. Consider mandatory education protocols for new and long-time employees to keep them up to date on the changing laws and regulations surrounding the disease. 

This goes hand in hand with proper documentation. It is very possible to get in serious legal trouble even if you haven’t done anything wrong, just for having incorrectly filed or filled paperwork. Pay attention to the documentation and procedures surrounding your cooling tower, and if you need help getting those things up to par call Tower Water for further guidance.

Install a new or upgraded filtration system.

Installing a Tower Water system is an investment in your business. The quality of filtration and of service will result in fewer bank-busting expenses for major repairs caused by neglect or a lack of expertise. Not only will working with Tower Water give you the quality of service and protection you can trust to keep legionella and red tape at bay. For more information about Tower Water and our legionella compliance services, call (800) 669-9636 or contact us online today!

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