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Legionella Compliance

Two Companies, One Mission

The majority of registered cooling towers in the New York Metro Area have their water treatment company providing both water treatment and legionella services. Since the inception of legionella specific laws in 2015, both the New York State and New York City Departments of Health have made several modifications to the legislation and are foreshadowing that future legionella services will need to be validated by a company independent of their existing water treatment company.

Legionella Compliance Solutions is New York City’s first and only stand-alone legionella compliance company. In anticipation of these new independent validation requirements, Tower Water has announced its partnership with Legionella Compliance Solutions, in which Tower Water will maintain the traditional aspects of the water treatment program while Legionella Compliance Solutions will independently validate all mandated legionella services.

Together, Tower Water and Legionella Compliance Solutions are the first, and only, water treatment and legionella compliance partnership working together to provide an all-inclusive program with independent third-party validation.

Legionella Compliance Solutions
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The 2 Company Solution

By choosing Tower Water and Legionella Compliance Solutions for your water treatment and legionella services, there are a number of benefits that you’ll see right away. Here are just a few:

A Proactive Approach

At any time the NYS or NYC Department of Health could mandate independent legionella validation. By staying ahead of this legislation you can avoid having to scramble to find a reputable company who can validate your legionella services without being forced to hire overpriced consultants that could potentially double the cost of your water treatment budget.

Two Sets of Eyes

We understand that water treatment and legionella compliance management require a different focus and mindset. With Tower Water and Legionella Compliance Solutions, you will have two separate field specialists delivering comprehensive synergistic services, one concentrated solely on the water treatment facets of your facility and a second on all legionella compliance management, documentation, and validation.

No Price Gouging or Hidden Costs

We keep your budget in mind and offer the 2 company solution for the same investment as the individual companies which are self-validating. We aim to provide a significant ROI and savings that will far exceed your investment.

Common Core Values

Tower Water and Legionella Compliance Solutions share a synonymous culture where each employee is a CAN DO, RELIABLE, and RESPONSIBLE professional who cares about your facility as if it was their own.

Over 25 Years Industry Experience

You will be partnered with two experienced companies who, working together, utilize their industry expertise and precise skills to protect your infrastructure, lower your overall operational cost, and independently validate all mandated legionella services.

The Best of Both Worlds
The Tower Water/LCS Advantage

Setting the standard in NYC for water treatment for over 25 years, Tower Water provides knowledgeable certified water treatment for your facility, focusing on:
  • Protecting your HVAC equipment, improving efficiency, and extending equipment life
  • Maintaining proper bacteria and legionella levels that meets or/exceeds local and state Legionella laws
  • Short term and long term protection of facilities infrastructure
  • Providing measurable ROI and savings in reference to overall operational efficiency and utility savings
  • Protect the health of your building during renovation or new construction
  • Promoting chemical safety on and off facility grounds
  • Providing system disinfections, cooling tower cleanings, and seasonal layup
Legionella Compliance Solutions is the only standalone legionella services company offering independent validation in New York City, focusing on:
  • Reduction and/or removal of violations related to legionella compliance
  • Promoting safe Legionella levels that meet and/or exceed local and state guidelines
  • Conducting onsite and remote certified training for, facility managers, engineers, supers, and other responsible persons
  • Provide and maintain cloud-based document storage database with easy access for all legionella-related documentation
  • Provide timely responsive comprehensive compliance consulting in the DOH approved format for new and/or updated Water Management Plans
  • Provide portal uploading services to both the NYS and NYC DOH sites
Protect your facility with Tower Water and Legionella Compliance Solutions.
Two Companies. One mission.

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