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Pipe Cleaning

You want the best for your facility. Pipe cleaning expertise sets Tower Water apart from everyone else. Your project is carried out by a fully-trained staff, and managed by a company experience since 1992 in all types of cleaning in the New York area. We continue to innovate with our equipment. Where others fail, we clean.
At Tower Water, we manage several projects simultaneously. We understand when you need us, you need us. Just call and we’ll schedule your job. Don’t be concerned with giving us limited advance warning. We can handle it.

The Tower Water pipe cleaning staff is OSHA certified, trained and experienced in dealing with the specific challenges of New York and New Jersey. Plus 24-hour emergency service capability means Tower Water can work your schedule.

There’s nothing worse than leaving a project looking messy, sloppy, and dirty. We carry protection with us, so when we leave a job site, it is as clean or cleaner than when we started.

Talk to us about:

  • Supplemental pipe cleaning
  • Complete system cleanings
  • Large piping systems utilizing our high-velocity pumps
  • Glycol systems
  • System drain down
  • Interior coil cleaning
  • Exterior coil cleaning
  • Acid cleaning
  • Domestic water disinfection


Supplemental systems are piping systems that tie into an existing running system. They usually do not have their own pumps and require an external temporary pump in order to clean. Cleaning is imperative to make sure that this type of system does not add foulants to an already well-running system.

Chilled Pumps
Chilled Pumps

Additionally, the correct type and size of valves need to be added to these systems so that the right pump is used to clean them. The experienced Tower Water staff knows the right pump to use for every job.


Unlike supplemental systems, complete systems are made up of all the equipment and the heat exchange devices used to cool or heat the system. They usually do not connect to an existing system and can run independently. These systems can normally use their own pumps to receive circulation during chemical cleaning. All heat exchange surfaces must be bypassed in order to prevent foreign matter from fouling these very important surfaces. Tower Water makes certain the proper bypass is used to achieve the proper flow rates.


Building on our experience, Tower Water has devised equipment necessary to properly clean systems that have been difficult to clean in the past. During chemical cleaning, proper flow rates are required. As the size of the piping increases, the GPM rate necessary to clean that pipe also increases.

Working with mechanical contractors, engineers, and controls companies, Tower Water has developed equipment to handle these difficult situations. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.


Glycol systems are HVAC systems that are filled will a solution of glycol and water. The most common reason to use glycol is to work with systems in areas that have the potential to freeze because of ambient temperatures. Glycol comes in a variety of types and is normally not safe to be dumped down a drain. We have significant experience in filling these systems with the proper glycol for your system, making sure this glycol has the right inhibitors to protect your system from corrosion.

Glycol systems, one of the most critical systems to be chemically cleaned, are unforgiving. A mistake made during this process will not only be expensive, but it will also cause significant delays in any project and may have environmental repercussions. Whether your facility is concerned with a complete glycol system, or a supplemental one tying to existing piping, you need to choose a company with deep experience.


Whether you are draining a system for regular maintenance or performing demolition to piping in your building, you should always employ a water treatment professional to make sure that the proper procedure is being followed.

We, at Tower Water, have vast experience in the following;

  • Testing of all treated system to verify that the systems maintain the proper levels of inhibitor and bacteria prior to being shut down.
  • Glycol, in large quantities, may be illegal to dump down the drain. We have experience in the proper removal, storage and disposal of these fluids.
    Avoid fines and shutdowns by trusting these procedures to the professionals.


Acid cleanings are used to removed debris and foulants from existing piping and heat exchange surfaces that are not performing to specification.

These cleanings should not be performed as a first response to a problem. They require a great amount of attention and expertise, as they can easily become a safety hazard, as well as reduce the life of your piping and equipment.

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