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Multimedia sand filter

Construction is an important time in the life of your facility’s equipment. In fact, you will lose more system life then than at any other time. Right from the start – the system construction phase – you need an experienced company that employs state of the art equipment and methods and delivers state of the art service. You need Tower Water.

Tower Water specializes in new construction installations. Our team meets with pipe fitters and project managers to ensure the right equipment is installed for optimal use. You’ll get our expertise and experience in:

  • Directing project managers and fitters to install water treatment systems properly
  • Installing our own equipment if appropriate
  • Directing the installation of sand filters
  • Helping personnel correct improper installations before they become big, expensive problems

Timing and location are everything. During new construction, a water treatment station requires right time installation in the right place. Tower Water new construction setup specialists design a system that properly treats your HVAC systems and works well during the critical transition between construction and service.

Our technical know-how means we interface perfectly with engineers, building engineers, building management, project managers, and pipe fitters, and direct them throughout this crucial process.

New Construction Water Treatment Services

  • Filling system with inhibitor for pressure test
  • Initial pipe cleaning
  • Passivation of systems
  • Installation instructions
  • Water treatment equipment setup
  • Personnel training

Water Treatment Equipment in new construction

  • Automatic Controller
  • Water Meter
  • Motorized Ball Valve
  • Sand Filters
  • Chemical Feed Pump
  • Chemical Containment
  • Chemical Shot Feeder
  • Filter Insert
  • Corrosion Coupon Rack
  • Spool Rack
  • Injection Quill
  • Boiler Blow Down Controller

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