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Process Water

Process water is water used to produce a product or service other than an HVAC or potable application. These systems may be open (using fresh make-up water) or closed (using almost no water). Process waters may have a different mixed metallurgy including metals rarely seen in other familiar systems. They may have a variety of skin temperatures from extreme hot to extreme cold. It is not uncommon to find unique heat transfer fluids such as glycol and brine in process waters.


Selected Industries Using Process Water

  • Plastics
  • Melding
  • Extruding
  • Metals
  • Power Generation
  • Ultra Pure Water

Selected Systems, Using Process Water

  • Water Jackets
  • Ultra Chilled Water
  • Brine Systems
  • Glycol Systems


If your facility has systems that maintain water, you need to work with Tower Water to keep the facility safe and in compliance, while getting the information you need to keep it profitable. Avoid system downtime or loss of production by talking to us today.

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