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Return on Investment


Water treatment is an investment, not an expense. Water treatment pays off. It is an essential part of any system using or reusing water. Tower Water will prove to you that the long term savings from a TWM water treatment program are many times greater than its cost.

For example, here are typical repair costs on a 400-ton chiller. When you work with TWM to manage and maintain your water systems, you can avoid budget busters like these.

Condenser tube bundle replacement: $42,000
Compressor inner cooler replacement: $10,000 – $25,000
Minor compressor repair: $500 /hr

Fouling and Energy Efficiency

How much is a clean surface worth? If a good, clean surface maintains a 5% increase in energy, then even a modestly fouled surface could increase energy use by 10% or more. Have you considered how much a dirty surface is costing you?

ROI is what it’s all about in facility management. Proper water treatment provides protection that can prevent costly system failures and operating difficulties. Proper water treatment makes for a great ROI.

The Tower Water Team appreciates that your budget and bottom line – your ROI – are crucial to your success. Disproportionate expenses aren’t good for our clients or for us. That’s why TW’s experience and knowledge of your system’s cost factors are valuable assets, helping you run an efficient, cost-effective, and well-maintained water system.

What is the Tower Water Process?


How can Tower Water directly impact my savings?

Click on any of these categories to see how you could be getting a better return on your investment.

1 Cost of Chiller Fouling (Energy Savings)
2 Sewer Rebates (Sewer Bill Savings)
3 Effects of Cycles of Concentration (Water Savings)
4 Manpower / Assessment (Manpower Savings)
5 Cost of Boiler Deposition (Energy Savings)
6 Cost of Steam / Condensate Losses (Energy Savings)
7 Savings due to Reduced Boiler Blowdown (Energy/Water Savings)
8 Reduction of Drums (Disposal Savings/Environmental Care)


It is a fact that Water Treatment Solutions can pay for itself in the very short term. The simplest solutions may begin saving you money within the first day they are implemented. The complex or more expensive solutions will have a longer payback, which lasts indefinitely and extends the life of equipment and new piping by two to three times the normal expectancy. Some R.O.I’s are health-related, which cannot always be measured in dollars but are surely priceless.

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