The Importance Of Water and HVAC System Cleanliness in 2020

Mar 11, 2020 | News

As many readers will no doubt know, the rise of coronavirus across the globe has brought sanitation, health, and public safety into the cultural forefront. While the true degree of the threat of coronavirus and other more enduring transmittable diseases are always difficult to estimate, the threat they pose to your business is as high as the potential for bad press they might bring (that is to say, a lot!).


Is my business at risk?

Urban, population-dense areas are typically the most susceptible to the spreading of germs and viral contagions through water systems, which is why Tower Water specializes in a host of cleaning and monitoring services for businesses that revolve around or feature complex and crucial water management systems. Hotels, Restaurants, and other businesses use countless gallons of water every day in their many operations, and in urban areas the risk of contamination from pipe, filter, and treatment system decay can be much more of a risk than contamination from people. At Tower Water, we have worked hard to cultivate a team of exceptional OSHA certified servicemen and administrators who are experienced at cleaning pipe systems, monitoring and maintaining high volume, complex water treatment systems, and doing it all efficiently and quickly so you can worry about running your business.


Why is our work important?

We know how scary it can be to hear on the news about new public health scares like coronavirus, and that’s why we want to assure our clients and potential clients that we are always working hard and doing everything in our power to keep their employees, customers, and business reputations safe. Tower Water is an experienced team dedicated to providing 24-hour emergency service and consistent, responsive management of your water and HVAC systems, always. If you are worried your businesses reputation might be affected by poor quality systems, call Tower Water today and ask us how we can improve the health and safety of your customers and employees, and keep you ahead of legionella compliance laws.

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