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Tower Water is a premier provider of water treatment. Our experience and expertise, our dedication and our personal approach lead directly to very satisfied clients. Large and high profile or small with a single-system, regardless of size all benefit from Tower Water’s deep commitment.

We offer solutions for any water treatment needed by property managers, as well as solutions for pharmaceutical, educational, and light industrial facilities.

Our company is different, focusing on solving problems, not selling products. We understand that profitability and staying within budget are vital to the success of both our clients and our company. Tower Water will work hard to provide a return on client investment, and a well-designed water treatment program will save money and energy in the long run. So our clients are fully educated about their systems and programs through training, detailed reporting, and online services.

Tower Water provides a personal, team approach to every assignment. The team includes the company’s owners who are fully involved and work regularly with the entire Tower Water team. The entire operation is positive, cohesive, and highly advantageous to clients.

Clients work most closely with a dedicated representative who fully manages their account and water treatment program, and benefit from the collective experience and knowledge of the entire team.

The growth rate of Tower Water is in the profitable double-digits because we never settle for the status quo or for average results. Best practices in the field, dynamic client service, and frequent staff collaboration result in the best in water treatment for our customers.

Our Clients

  • Come first
  • Are the reason we are here
  • Are enormously valued
  • Are fully informed
  • Benefit from our non-stop forward thinking
  • Join us in meaningful, close business relationships

The Tower Water Client comes first in our company because they are the reason we are here. We strive to inform and educate them about their water treatment plan to insure they understand everything that we do. By remaining flexible and working around our client’s schedule, and by maintaining a meaningful, close relationship, we allow the client to rely on us and trust our forward-thinking methods. Clients are the most valuable part of our organization.

Our Employees

  • Uncompromising
  • Skilled and educated
  • Thorough
  • Committed to personalized service
  • Committed to Tower Water
  • Have the tools they need to succeed

Tower Water employees are set apart by never being satisfied with the status quo. They are well-trained, always eager to expand their knowledge and experience because they know that excellent service derives from an uncompromising, thorough approach to their work. Our employees are empowered with the tools they need to succeed and the support of a dedicated staff.

Tower Water’s Core Values

(As described by their clients, prospects and employees)

1 Be Reliable

“They show up on time and are prepared to work. If, for any reason, they are running behind, we are notified. If, for any reason, something is missing, they have plenty of representatives in NYC and the surrounding areas that they can call on to get something that may be needed.”

2 Responsiveness

“They respond to your call, day or night, 24/7/365. They respond directly with what I am asking for, and in the manner in which I need it.”

3 Have a Can Do Attitude

“Tower Water hates to say no! If they are waiting for someone else to finish their service so that they can begin theirs, they actually assist the other company – finding creative ways to get the majority of the work completed so as to not lose the day. If something is missing, Tower Water finds a way to make it work (even if it’s temporary) until they can return to complete the job.”

4 Exhibit Passion For What We Do

“The entire Tower Water team cares about all of their services, which includes cleaning, testing, inspecting, or investigating. They care about the final outcome, and document their results accordingly.”

We not only have the companies name on everything we do, we have our own. We want everyone to know that we “go over and above” for our clients. We take water treatment seriously, as it is our livelihood, our reputation, and our life.

5 Understand The Value of Reputation

“We believe we are at the top of the market, providing the best value for the services we perform. They have same-page meetings with their customers, making sure realistic expectations are met and that there are no miscommunications before, during or after the project or service.

They hire the best people which represent these core values their organization.”

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