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Waste Water

Tower Water is a complete service company. We are committed to serving all of our clients’ water needs. So if waste water is an issue, then we can help by reducing the amount of liquid in the waste. Concentration of metals is another specialty.

Tower Water uses blends of flocculants, coagulants, polymers and pH adjusters that help your company to preserve our environment. Reducing metals and dewatering sludge is a great way to decrease fines, reduce waste removal costs, and be a responsible consumer.

Sewer Ejector Treatment

Tower Water works with all the types of water in your facility. Sewage ejectors maintain specific functions which cannot usually be identified by many water treatment companies. Traditionally, sewage ejectors are handled by in-house personnel manually adding treatment to the sump tank. Tower Water believes it is our obligation to treat these systems automatically, rather than once a week or once a month. We create a usage schedule so that products are properly administered to produce the most favorable outcome. Enzymes and dilimeonline are the most common products used. One chemical is a digester, while the other is an emulsifier/dispersant/surfactant blend. Both products can be scented to reduce or eliminate odors and/or bacteria.

Without using these products, the sewage system takes a long time to drain, may constrict a piping line, and any massive solids may interfere or burn out pumps. It is always best to be proactive when dealing with sewage.



It just makes good business sense to work with Tower Water, the comprehensive, integrated water treatment company. Tower Water offers numerous unique efficient, creative solutions for all types of water systems. Your facility needs Tower Water to stay competitive, within compliance, and profitable.

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