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Water Treatment Services

Founded in 1992, Tower Water specializes in commercial and residential buildings, light industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, and all other mid-sized facilities.

Your Tower Water team is full-time, experienced, and educated. Every team member has a minimum of two years extensive training, holds a pesticide applicator’s license in the state of service, and has extensive knowledge of the water condition in the local service area.

Tower Water uses state-of-the-art on-site digital test equipment, employing on-site web-based computer-generated service reports and internet connectivity. Tower Water water treatment control systems integrate with the client’s building management system.

Tower Water professionals are trained to notice concerns before a problem occurs. They know what to look for, and the efficiencies needed to enhance both the life expectancy of the equipment and the functioning of the system. They educate clients on the critical nature of water treatment, and on the crucial health and safety issues handled by the Tower Water team.

Tower Water clients are part of the family. We understand that if a person is injured in a facility, or one violation is obtained, concern about these factors may sometimes outweigh the importance of the best performance of a treatment program. Utilizing the proper automatic equipment, including secondary containment, controllers, pumps, motorized valves and water meters, Tower Water assists facilities in maintaining proper safety practices. MSD sheets and proper drum labeling at every point of use is strictly enforced.

Bottom Line

We don’t think of ourselves as water treatment vendors. In fact, we really are not in the water treatment business. We are in the long-term relationships business, building a partnership with our clients, by delivering unique, thorough, efficient, economical, profitable, compliant, and complete solutions to water treatment challenges.

Tower Water Client Facilities Get Peace of Mind.

Tower Water working on your facilities water systems means you can relax. You know:

  • Why water treatment is necessary
  • What good water treatment service is
  • Your water systems are properly protected
  • All about the many exclusive benefits you get from Tower Water




1 Savings

Proper water treatment pays for itself and we can prove it. Click here to check out your ROI.

2 Green Solutions

  • Good news. All our water treatments are green and we can prove it.
  • Water is reused for both heating and cooling

4 Rapid Response

  • 24 hour availability
  • Response to you by a Tower Water professional within four hours of initial call

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